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About us

SOLIT socks was founded by the two young entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, very well connected in the influencer, media and fashion world.

Most of us know the problem; an ankle sock that slides under your foot after 1 step or drops to half of your shoe after a short walk. The founders of SOLIT also experienced this:

Olaf is a hard worker who cannot sit still. At the office, for example, he likes to take a step too much to get coffee for his colleagues, until he started focusing on his socks. If you have to watch your sock get under your foot after every step, how do you focus on work again after a short walk?

In the same period, Tim was sporting again next to his work. Sometimes in the gym and sometimes running a few kilometers. If you are used to ankle socks, you prefer to wear them at any time, regardless of the occasion. But how can I still focus in the gym if my sock keeps getting annoyingly under my foot?

A solution was desperately needed… This action resulted in a fashionable, lifestyle brand that consists of a stylish collection of socks. The socks are not only comfortable and functional, but can also be combined with any outfit and sneakers.

Meet the SOLIT team:

· Olaf – Founder, marketing
· Tim – Hoofd partnerschappen, inkoop
· Marnix – Advertising specialist
· Beau – Designer
· Joy – Content creator, social media
· Wouter – Admin
· Ruben – Video marketing

Our mission

Our mission: to be nationally recognized as the most valuable sock brand by supplying unique socks, thanks to the combination of style and functionality and by delivering accessible service.

Our core values ​​are divided into four aspects:

Change: SOLIT socks products are characterized by two important elements: design and functionality. Not a plan B but a new plan A.

Accessible: SOLIT socks supplies high-quality products with an accessible entry. For SOLIT, the customer always comes first. The customer’s feedback is therefore always reflected in the developments of the range.

Progressive: We are not future proof, we are the future. In order to remain unique, SOLIT ensures that products always distinguish themselves in all respects.

Community: Within the SOLIT community everyone is on the same page. The mission, vision and core values ​​are reflected in all our actions for a stranger.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SOLIT also practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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If you have any questions or comments about a product or about your order, if it concerns an extensive matter or if you prefer to speak to our employees personally, you can also contact us via

WhatsApp, email, Facebook or Instagram

Donations or Sponsorship

Requests for donations or sponsorship can be sent via one of the contact options above, so that we can take the request into account.

Team SOLIT is happy to assist you.

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